Tips for Overseeing a Move In or Move Out

当你搬家的时候,你很可能会监督你的迁入和迁出. 招聘 The Professional Moving Specialists will go a long way to making the move in and move out easier, but you will still need to be in charge of overseeing both. 

You want to do everything within your power to remain in control and ensure efficiency during your move. Proper planning will help and here are some of the best tips you can use for overseeing a move in or a move-out.

Professional Moving Company

1. 提前到达并做好准备

If you're not currently living in your old home, you want to arrive for the move out before the movers do. 搬家的人来的时候,提前准备好开始新的一天是很好的. 

You'll want to be there to start planning everything, help direct the mover to the correct parking spot, and avoid getting charged for movers waiting for you.

2. Know What You’re Taking With You

当你出门的时候,你想知道你的车里会有什么. 贵重物品, 文书工作, and other items you don't want the movers packing should be separated to help you remember what you plan to move in your own vehicle.

You can block off a corner of a room or dedicate a specific room to the items you plan to move yourself. Make sure you pack these items ahead of time and you know what's going with you and what's going with the movers.

3. Have a Furniture Floor Plan Ready

在搬家期间,你想要为搬家者准备一份家具平面图. This will help them bring in heavy furniture items, put them in the right place, 把它们留在那里. 如果他们不得不重新摆放家具,你可以收取额外的费用. 

其实有些搬家公司只会安排家具一次. If you want to avoid having to arrange the furniture yourself, create a floor plan ahead of time for the movers to follow.

4. 信息rm 搬家公司 of 所有 Fragile Items

While fragile items should be well marked, 将这些物品分开,并告知搬运人员它们是易碎品,这也是一个好主意. The more you communicate with the movers, the easier it will be for them to ensure your things are properly packed into their truck.

5. 准备好水

搬家的人喜欢给他们水或运动饮料. They work hard and need to stay hydrated. 尤其是在夏天, 搬家的人来的时候,有没有准备几瓶水或运动饮料. 

让他们知道他们在哪里,当他们口渴的时候,他们可以帮助自己. This will help save a little bit of time, 也, 因为他们不用自己去找饮料,也不用自己去找. 

When you're moving into a new home and/or out of an old home, you want to stay on top of the moving process. With these five tips, you'll be better prepared to oversee moving in and moving out when hiring movers for a 住宅移动. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 基于 2433 评级和评论

What it Means to be a Full Service Moving Company

当你开始寻找适合你需求的搬家公司时, you may encounter different types of movers. Some moving companies specialize in moving very heavy items, 比如钢琴, while others are known as full service moving companies.

Understanding what a full-service moving company is will help you to make the right decision for your needs. Let's look at what a full service moving company provides.


Is Full Service Really Full Service?

顾名思义, a full service moving company will handle everything you need from the beginning to the end of the move. If you don't want to take on the physical tasks of moving or you simply cannot handle it, hiring a full service moving company makes sense. 一家提供全方位服务的搬家公司会处理的一些事情包括:

  • 包装

  • 加载

  • 驾驶卡车

  • 卸货

  • 拆包

除了, your full service moving company will help with planning, ensuring you get an accurate estimate and more.


Not all moving companies offer packing and 拆包 services. 然而, a full service moving company will offer both services to ensure you don't have to do much of anything during the move. 

Your full service moving company in Chicago will supply all the necessary packing materials and supplies. They will pack up all the items you ask them to pack and use the proper boxes and materials to ensure everything is fully protected. Once the items arrive at the new location, 他们会把箱子送到指定的房间并为您打开.


Most moving companies, whether full service or not, will load the truck and unload it for you. 提供全方位服务的搬家公司获得了一些优势,因为他们打包了所有的东西, 所以他们知道如何以最好的方式把它装进卡车. 

Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

If you have any furniture items that come apart, your full service moving company in Chicago will disassemble and reassemble the furniture for you. This is a service you may not find with all moving companies and even some full-service companies don't provide disassembly and assembly of furniture.

Transportation, Disposal, and More!

随着包装, 拆包, 加载, un加载 and handling your furniture disassembly and assembly, 一家提供全方位服务的搬家公司将提供所有的运输, 处理的材料, 处理更多. 

一名专业司机将把卡车从A点开到B点. Once everything is unloaded and has been unpacked, 任何需要处理的材料将由搬家公司处理. Your full-service movers may also provide additional services, depending on your specific needs.

招聘 full-service movers for your 住宅移动 or 芝加哥商业搬家 means you won't have to lift a finger. From the planning to the estimate to final delivery, 专业的搬家专家将为您处理一切. 即使您需要储存,最新bbin官方直营网站也会为您的特殊需求提供合适的设施. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 基于 2433 评级和评论

How to Best Utilize Your Time During a Full-Service Move

When you hire movers to do your packing and 拆包, along with 加载 and transporting your items, it's known as a full-service move. 这种动作会节省你的时间,但是你会用这些时间做什么呢?

There are still several tasks that must be done. From making sure your utilities are turned on at your new home to cleaning up your old home before turning in your keys, 你有很多事要做.

如果你打算招人的话 The Professional Moving Specialists for a full-service move, here are some of the ways you can utilize the time you will gain back.

What to do during full-service move


Before the movers arrive to pack up your belongings, you'll want to create a moving inventory. This is a great way to see what you own and to make sure all your items make it to your new home.

一份详细的清单将确保你知道什么打包了,什么要拆包. You want to be very specific with this inventory and consider taking pictures of anything expensive.

Figure Out What You want to Pack

You may not want movers packing every single item you own. Whether you want to pack your most expensive items or you prefer to pack your clothing on your own, make sure you figure this out ahead of time.

If you're moving a long distance, 一定要留出一套换洗的衣服和其他你可能需要的物品. Also, consider packing important documents yourself instead of having movers handle these items.

如果可能的话,在一个房间或一个区域清楚地标明你要打包的物品. 这个区域也可以指定为你将带上车的物品.


一旦搬家公司开始收拾你的东西,把它们装进卡车, you can start triple checking everything. Check cabinets, corners, closets, and other areas to ensure you don't leave anything behind. 

Remove Flammable Items from Your 首页

搬家工人很可能不会接触任何易燃、危险或腐蚀性的东西. You want to remove these items and pack them yourself. 这些项目包括:

  • 电池

  • 清洁剂

  • 汽油

  • 煤油

  • 烟花

  • 枪支

  • 指甲油

  • 气溶胶罐

  • 丙烷坦克

  • 肥料



While movers are at your home packing up, you want to keep the kids and pets out of their way. You can keep them busy in the back yard or have one parent take the kids and pets to a local playground. 

这不仅能让搬家的人工作得更快, but it will also keep your pets and kids safe. 如果有必要的话, you can even consider hiring a sitter for the pets or kids during the time the movers are packing up.


Some movers will disassemble furniture, while others may not. 如果你在搬家的人来之前把东西拆开,可以省下一笔钱. 当你雇佣全方位服务的搬家公司时,这是一个很好的利用时间的机会.

There are many things you will still need to do, even when you 雇佣提供全面服务的推动者. Make sure you fully understand what your 住宅搬家公司 愿意为你做什么,你仍然需要自己处理. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 基于 2433 评级和评论

5 Apps to Help You Sell Unwanted Goods During a Move

住宅移动 can be stressful, but un加载 some of your unwanted items can make the move a bit easier. There's an app for that, of course. 事实上,有一些应用程序可以帮助你出售你不想要的东西. Let's look at five of the top choices.



这款应用程序可以节省你的时间,并帮助你在当地销售商品, 放开 provides an excellent platform for selling things. In fact, The Balance Everyday published a list of their 7款最佳本地销售应用 and 放开 was the top choice.

You'll have the ability to list your items in one of many categories ranging from clothing to games to furniture. 除了, you'll get to tag your items and make it easy for buyers to find what you're selling.



另一个适合本地销售的应用是Facebook的市场. 买家可以找到你要的东西,你也可以安排时间一起拍卖. The app is completely free and can be used on all platforms.


根据 MoneyPantryCarousell是在搬家之前把你不需要的东西在当地卖掉的最佳选择. This app is a bit newer than some of the others on the list and it's completely free to list your items. 你也可以加入特殊的团体,在社区中出售你的道具.

Once you've listed your item with the Carousell app, you can easily share the listing through social media channels, Facebook等, Instagram, 和推特. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.


根据 Techlicious, 易趣 is the bestselling app. 与易趣, you can expect to get top dollar for your items, but you should expect to ship your items to the seller once they have completed the purchase.

易趣的应用程序在本地销售商品方面不如其他一些应用程序好, but it can be great for selling higher-priced items. 用这个程序, you're likely to get top dollar, but you will need to be willing to ship your items to the buyer.


Another great app for selling your item, OfferUp allows you to easily list and sell just about anything. 它可以在Android和iPhone上使用,而且主要是在本地销售.

You won't have to ship anything with the OfferUp app and communicating with buyers is really easy. 你甚至可以在任何时候将你的物品重新排到列表的最前面.

还有这五款应用,可以帮你在搬家前卖掉你不需要的物品, there are several other options including:

  • Mercari

  • CPlus对Craigslist

  • VarageSale

  • Tradesy

  • ThredUP

  • Poshmark

  • Decluttr

所有这些应用程序都能在你搬家之前出售你的物品. 无论你是想卖掉一件家具还是出售一套电子游戏收藏品, you can use one of these apps to find the right buyer. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 基于 2433 评级和评论

What Should I Do Before My Packers Arrive?

You've decided to make moving day much easier and you hired 专业包装公司. Maybe you've never hire someone to pack up your home before and you're not sure how to prepare. 在包装人员到达之前,你可能要做几件事.

Let's look at some of the most important things you should do before packers arrive to box up your home.


The first thing you should do, and if possible before you 雇佣包装工, is purge anything you don't need, want, or desire. Go through all your belongings and get rid of anything you won't need or simply don't want at your new home.

搬家是盘点你所拥有的东西并捐赠出去的好时机, 处理, 回收, 或者出售不需要的物品. 除了帮助你最小化你的项目,看看你有什么, 清理也会帮你省钱,因为你可以少打包和搬家.

Take Out Anything You Prefer to Pack Yourself

You probably have items you don't want someone else handling. 也许你不想让包装工碰你珍贵的珠宝或私人物品. Now is the time to separate all the valuables, 纪念品, 文书工作, and other items you want to pack on your own.


也许你有古董、艺术品或其他易碎物品,你想让包装人员知道. 在他们到达之前, separate these items to ensure they understand which items needs to be handled with extra care.

You can place all of these items into one room and label the room as fragile items or you can put them into to corner with a label. 不管你怎么做, make sure you communicate to the packing crew which items are fragile and require special handling.

为你的包装工做计划 & 搬家公司


An inventory of all your possessions helps to protect you if something is damaged or lost. 它也会帮助你了解你在新家拥有什么和你可能需要什么. 在打包人员到达之前,确保你把所有的物品都清点好.

Handle the Items Professional Packers Won't

There are some items 专业包装公司 won't pack for you. It's your responsibility to pack up these items or 处理 them and you should do this before the packing crew arrives.


  • 危险物品-油漆, 易燃材料, 武器, 化学物质, 腐蚀性物品, 弹药, 化学物质, 油, 等.

  • 易腐食品

  • 植物

  • 其他任何东西包装商都明确表示不会包装的

在打包人员到达之前,你可能要做几件事. Make sure you speak with them to find out if they require you to do anything specific before they arrive.

除了 to the list above, you may want to clean your home. 经常, this is required at move out, 无论如何, 所以,当包装人员到达时,最好把家里打扫干净. Also, make sure you're a good host to your packers and movers. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 基于 2433 评级和评论
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