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Jacob Twig is the Owner and President for The Professionals Moving Specialists. As the President of the company, Jacob serves as the operations manager, dictating the performance and training of his professional staff and ensuring that his employees are dedicated to providing quality service. His oversight is the critical driving force for his company's success, and it is by his influence that his staff showcases professionalism and integrity. Jacob makes himself available to both the clients and his staff, and remains well informed of all business details and transactions.

Having built his moving company from scratch, Jacob has maintained a close personal relationship with the success of his business. He admires the dedication of his workers to make themselves available to their clients, eager to address any potential questions and providing assistance whenever necessary. The attention to customer service is a source of great pride for Jacob as he encourages the importance of maintaining a solid and close relationship with clients to make them feel at ease during the moving process. This familial relationship extends to the office, where all the employees remain close friends amidst the aura of professionalism. What Jacob most admires is the close relationship that has been established in the workplace. Knowing your staff and promoting a friendly atmosphere is what Jacob feels is most important towards making the clients feel like they are doing business with a tight knit group of caring and reassuring individuals.

Jacob believes that as long as the company offers high quality service, continues to looks for ways to improve, and emphasizes the growing importance on eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious practices, the company will continue to be a major player as the best moving company in Chicago. In addition to his passion for his work, Jacob enjoys sports, delving in the occasional MMA, playing soccer, and cooking in his spare time.

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