Green Chicago Moving

Eco Friendly Moving

Green moving is a passion of ours. We are dedicated to not only providing the best moving service possible, but also protecting the environment in the process.

The Professionals Moving Specialists have developed a green moving service complete with environmentally conscious practices. Our team is fully dedicated towards building a reputation as the best green moving company in Chicago.

The Green Box System

We utilize the Green Box system, which offers reusable green moving boxes known as Recopacks. When these green moving boxes are used, the process of relocation can be done without any waste.

Instead of using cardboard boxes, these reusable plastic boxes provide a better way to move. The boxes come in consumer friendly sizes, preassembled and ready to use. Along with helping the environment, using green moving supplies provides improved efficiency for the entire moving process.

Since The Professional Moving Specialists use Green Boxes, we are able to keep our prices lower. This affordable solution allows us to avoid the cost of waste disposal fees and we pass that savings on to you, the customer.

If you need to move and you want to do it in the most environmentally-friendly way, hire us. We will provide Green Boxes for your moving, along with the best moving service in Chicago.

The Chicago Greenbox
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